Shall we pin the Pandemic on Global Warming?

The true answer is no. Some may differ but is not that the Pandemic happened on the side or independently of global warming. The true answer is that both the pandemic and global warming are effects of humankind activities. We as a race are doing things in large scale with nature that is causing global large-scale changes.

Global warming comes from our imbalance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Our productive activities as well as our transportation is providing a high release of greenhouse gases. Also, the deforestation in rural or jungle areas is leaving us with a smaller plant footprint to help turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. We can pin global warming then on our large-scale activities that release greenhouse emissions.

The Pandemic is believed to have come from a case of a virus jumping from one species to another called Zoonosis or Zoonotic Disease. Not confirmed but most likely, a virus found in bats jumped into human beings. Being very contagious it spread rapidly from local to global geography. How does this relate to Global warming? People in deep forest and jungle are cutting trees to make more room for land to farm. This is territories that have never being visited nor settle by humans. These new settlers move into this new land with their farm animals. Predators pray on these animals as they are accessible to them. Bats, rodents, and insects are attracted to the new settlement and that is where the chance of zoonoses happens.

At the end is the same both the Pandemic and Global Warming are effects of our large-scale activities as humans; what we do with our natural resources. Both effects we brought upon us, and not effects of each other.

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