Will we go back to indoor dining just like before the Pandemic?

In my opinion, I think we will. It will be more a matter of time, than anything else. Allow me to explain. People like to gather and, as a matter of fact, dinning is one of human’s main social interaction. We not only enjoy the company of others, when we eat, but is a need we have embedded within our nature. That said, as soon as we move away from the burden of getting infected from this novel coronavirus, people will seek to gather again.

What might change after the pandemic you may ponder. Well I think nothing. If you remove the virus from the face of the earth people will go back to the way we gather to eat, indoor as well as outdoor, when weather permitted. I don´t think is going to leave and enduring change on the way we do our gatherings. That unless we are not threaten again by another viral epidemic. At the end is an experience. Customers in restaurants go for two reasons, for delicious food and the overall experience. That will be the two main drivers enduring any scar left from the covid-19 pandemic. Time is the point here. For how long will the disruption last in the indoor dining experience? Some might think if the restrictions are in place there will be no dinning indoors. Restrictions are lifted and people will flock back to the restaurants. Well, somehow true, but is not as simple as that. I think that people will be affected, at least a significant group of people will be affected. Covid-19 infections have brough disease and death and that is a fact that can´t be ignored. Some will be afraid even thought the restrictions are lifted. Some will just get on with life. So, at the pace of vaccination and the predictions set, the Pandemic will wine down gradually in a year or so, but indoor dining will take some more time to return to the way it was before the Covid-19 Pandemic. A couple of additional years 2 or 3 to say the least. That is from how it appears today, hopefully it takes less so the restaurant business picks up faster.

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