Why is there a massive Vaccination effort and, at the same time, the Covid-19 cases are rising?

Yes, as of April 2021 the cases of Covid-19 infections are on the rise. Some experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the main White House epidemiologist is calling this surge a fourth wave. At the same time the US is vaccinating 3 Million people a day and other countries are higher than 50% of it´s population vaccinated.  Ok is Vaccines not working? Are the vaccination efforts not effective? Are we doing something wrong?

Not at all!  Is all about timing and strategy. Dr. Larry Brilliant, epidemiologist known for his work on eradicating smallpox in the 70´s said “it´s going to get worst before it gets better, we are headed into a bumpy ride”.

When dealing with epidemics and this case Pandemic, there is a strategy to be placed. When eradicating smallpox, they systematically attacked focused off springs of infections. That was done over a 10-year period. Timing place a key role in getting this Covid-19 pandemic under control also. It´s going to take some time to break the contagion chain due to vaccinated subjects.

People thought the pandemic was going to end soon when the approval of vaccine was announced. Lots of geographies eased the restrictions. All in all, everybody relaxed, so much so, that this provoked another wave of infections. Social distancing dropped, lot´s of holiday travel, etc.

What should we expect, is a chain of people getting vaccinated for a while, cases will still be high, until enough time passes by and immunity starts to take effect, In the meantime, more infections, after a week or two the phased effect will be a rise in Covid-19 deaths, unfortunately.

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