How The Moon helped to free the Ever Given Ship in the Suez Canal and lessons learned

 Yes! the full moon was magic! to the team working on the Ever Given Ship stuck seven days ago on the Suez Canal, creating Havoc all around the world due to a disruption in the global supply chain. How? Well the moon has a direct effect on the ocean tides. A full moon influenced the ocean waters and the tide rose helping float the 400-meter ship and finally getting it free. That’s as poetic as it gets!

Now that we can reflect on the incident and the crisis, there are a few lessons learned.

For the Supply Chain Professional:

This day the supply chains has being disrupted a lot. Many on the count of natures events. The takeaway here is that risk management of the supply chain is king now. If you have not set up your risk assessment you are doom. Set up all contingencies and then some. Alternate sources. Alternate routes. Supplier communication and, safety stocks, to say the least. The business that has their risk managed is the one that will thrive this day. Get to it!

For the crisis event:

Things happen or error or mishap happen for a reason, so we can learn from them. The team at the Canal should review the event and should understand what happened so it can prevent this in the future. At least if not prevent it, be ready to act on the emergency and take on the lessons learned on how to move a ship as large as the Ever Given to get it free. There is a full moon about every 29 days; too long to count on a high tide again.

For you the everyday professional:

Never take anything for granted. Always be prepared for that unexpected event. How you may ask? Be ready to adapt as fast as you can, and always have a contingency ready, just in case!

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