Is the Covid-19 pandemic going to end any time soon?

This is a hardball question in everybody´s mind. Some have taken the vaccine approvals as a starting point, or, “the beginning of the end”. Based on herd immunity alone you will have to vaccinate about 75% of the world’s population. At the vaccination pace we have today, it is estimated that it would take 7 years.  The good news is that herd immunity is not the only way to stop this global pandemic. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the main White House epidemiologist, said that wearing face mask, social distancing and washing your hands regularly, done well, can alone eradicate the virus. Hard to believe at times but true. So, if we consider these 3 practices, plus vaccination, we are looking at significant reduction of pandemic time. Probably around the end of 2021 we can see how the infection number go significantly down. Around the beginning of 2022 we can see what the new normal will be like, the one for the long run. It will not be like before the pandemic, but Covid-19 is here to stay, in a minimized form or at least not as a pandemic but as a localized epidemic for quite some time. We probably will be hunting down outbreaks for the next few years. Dr. Larry Brilliant, who worked in eradicating smallpox back in the 70´s said, that this will be the beginning of a long journey to end a virus.

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